As a food blogger, I’m constantly looking for ways to promote and grow my blog. And after nearly a year of not getting a significant number of hits, I sat down to evaluate my promotional tactics. This is what I discovered: that I’ve been hiding under a rock all these months because I was not on Yummly!

If there’s one grand way all you food bloggers can grow your blog, it is by getting on Yummly.

Okay let’s pull back a little. Why Yummly, you ask. Well, Yummly is everyone’s go-to site off late as the number one meal planner. It’ unique algorithm helps you search for a recipe not just based on the ingredients you want but also the ingredients you do NOT want. It funstions a bit like Pinterest in that that it allows you to create a board of recipes you like and each recipe comes with not just the ingredients but also other information like nutrition and tastes. It’s intuitive and learns what you prefer over time. No wonder then, that so many people prefer this tool.

If you want to yum a recipe, you can simply hit the yum button on a recipe you like. You can also get a Yummly bookmark on your browser. Once you yum a recipe, it’ll show up in your Recipe Box. Once it’s there, you can organise it, and later view your collections. You can also take advantage of the recommendations Yummly gives you based on your usage. It is after all the most powerful recipe search engine.

So back to getting on Yummly. You’ll have to become a publisher by:
1. Adding the Yum button.
2. Introduce your readers to Yummly and let them know you are now on Yummly (you’re reading it now!)
3. Direct readers to your publisher page. This is mine!
4. Fill out a form to indicate you’ve followed the instructions

That’s it. Once Yummly approves your submission, you’ll see your traffic grow!More recipes on Yummly = more traffic. And all you’ll have to do is yum your recipes and other recipes you like.

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