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How To Make Quick Flaky Pastry

Oh yes, I promise you it’ll be quick: all ready to roll out in an hour! And what’s more, you’ll like this quick flaky pastry better than the long-version of flaky pastry with its buttery, flaky, light, crispy goodness. The flakes melt in no time inside your mouth to make way for whatever goodness lies atop.

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The Ultimate Apple Pie

What makes an apple pie, the ultimate apple pie? A tender buttery flaky crust, with a filling that’s firm, syrupy and caramelly, and just the right mix of tart and sweet and spice — and this recipe has got all of that down pat, making it the ultimate apple pie recipe.

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Dutch Asian Pear Pie

Get ready to be wonderfully surprised with this Dutch Asian pear pie: a buttery and crumbly oatmeal streusel gives way to a creamy and crunchy filling that sits atop a light and flaky crust. These pale yellow beauties burst forth with sweet nectar that bellies their crunchy and grainy structure.

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