Sticky Orange Marmalade Cake on

Sticky Orange Marmalade Cake

With just a hint of spice and almonds, this sticky orange marmalade cake is gorgeously tender and moist, and refreshingly light and warm. The citrusy fragrance that fills your house while the cake bakes is intoxicating, as is the taste of this sticky orange marmalade cake. I just can’t stop eating it!

Caramel Banana Cake on

Caramel Banana Cake

The caramel banana cake is creamy, soft, moist, rich, caramelly, finger-licking, indulgent, and simple. That feeling you get as you bite in and indulge? It’s pure bliss. You won’t make it because you’re suddenly left with more overripe bananas than you can handle, but because you’ll crave more caramel banana cake than your stomach can handle.

Golden Almond Cake on

Golden Almond Cake

This golden almond cake almost dissolves in your mouth — it’s soft and moist, and bursting with nutty flavour, and more importantly it has a beautiful crust. It’s the perfect cake for when you are entertaining because you can serve it with fruit and chocolate — more dessert for everyone.

Luscious and Caramelly Karmel Cake on

Luscious and Caramelly Karmel Cake

Once in a way, there comes along an unassuming cake that impresses greatly. The luscious and caramelly Karmel Cake is that cake. This demure deep golden brown cake holds the fanfare of caramel inside it, making it (duh!) lusciously moist, delightfully caramelly, and gorgeously light.

Catálan Salt Pinch Cake on

The Exquisite Catálan Salt Pinch Cake

As you get a whiff of the nutty and lemony fragrance of the Catálan Salt Pinch Cake, you’ll marvel at how soft and billowy it is; and as you pinch off a velvety piece, you’ll marvel at its yieldingness; and as it caresses your tongue, you’ll swoon over it’s delicate and nutty almond flavour, and moist yet airy texture.

Cordon Rose Banana Cake on

Cordon Rose Banana Cake

This smooth operator is a far cry from the usual banana cake: luscious yet delicate, intensely moist yet elegant. The Cordon Rose Banana Cake is definitely a magnificent banana cake — the flavour, aroma, texture and taste are delicately refined and enhanced.

Indulgent Sour Cream Ganache on

Indulgent Sour Cream Ganache

Sour cream ganache gives your cake just the right amount of oomph and tang, making it indulgent, smooth and charming. It pipes like a dream, and makes all those chocolate cake more sensual. Chocoholics, look out for this absolutely magnificent and indulgent sour cream ganache — it’ll take make your tongue pirouette!

Pineapple Upside Down Cake on

The Perfect Pineapple Upside Down Cake

The pineapple upside down cake is warm and comforting, addictive, and disappears fast. The bright and sunny top is caramelly, crunchy a great way to eat pineapples. This pretty pattern gives way to a creamy and buttery crumb base — made moist by the yolks and butter. Together, it is perfect cake nirvana.

Real Cool Zucchini Cupcakes on

Real Cool Zucchini Cupcakes

The two cups of zucchini pack in so much moisture, the raisins add to that and make for little pockets of joy, the taste simply amazes, and the spices provide a kick that you’ll love, that you begin to immediately enjoy and love this wild child: the real cool zucchini cupcakes.

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