Hello, and welcome to this corner of the Internet! I’m happy you took the time to visit not just spice …but all that’s nice. This is a space dedicated to a fuller life through spunky home cooking and kitchen keep.

I’m Dina Prabhakar, and I love the joy that good food puts on my loved ones’ faces. I love cooking and baking recipes from around the world, spinning my take on them, and I love creating new recipes. Between putting things together and seeing a satisfied smile, I have a whole lot of fun. And always, I feel better — it is immensely gratifying.

not just spice is a humble start to show you that there’s more to an Indian home and kitchen than just spice. There’s a niceness, beauty, spunk and warmth to the smorgasbord of flavours, colours, portions, temperatures, aromas and textures,— and there is no limit to the permutations and combinations of the ingredients you can lay your hands on; all it takes to get you started is some grit and a willingness to get your hands dirty. The urban Indian kitchen has morphed over centuries to include world food, and universal gadgets and housekeeping. This little space is also morphing to include more about how to lead a fuller life through the things we eat.

not just spice is my endeavour to help you understand the everyday life in my kitchen. To help you have fun, and lead a healthier and happier life through the food you eat, and the things and space you surround yourself with. To help you nourish your body not just through the food you eat but also through a smart, beautiful and clean kitchen. Through not just spice, I hope to inspire you to be creative, innovative and spunky, to have fun and bake away your blues, to celebrate your indomitable nourishing spirit and enjoy your culinary adventures in your kitchen, wherever that may be. Oh, and I hope this space helps you get back to the kitchen, nay, I hope it drags you back to your kitchen and helps you get in touch with your inner cook!

Thank you for visiting!

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