Chicken Green Pulao on

Chicken Green Pulao

I’ve been searching for a cracking one pot chicken and rice dish, and I’ve found it in the chicken green pulao. The spices and herbs are balanced perfectly with the coconutty flavour, and the rich aroma tantalises you so — making it quite the drool-worthy dish.

Simple Crab Curry on

Simple Crab Curry

This aromatic and sumptuous simple crab curry is rich in flavour yet light on your palette, without taking away from the sweetness of the meat, and makes for a great accompaniment to rice or chapattis. The many ingredients, are designed to complement the crab.

Simple Mutton Curry on

Quick Mutton Curry

Mutton curry doesn’t have to be complicated. You can wrap it up with a few spices and be done with it. This quick mutton curry recipe is made sans coconut and is only mildly spicy. It is versatile, pairing well with rice, rotis, couscous, appams, iddiyappams and pasta.