Catálan Salt Pinch Cake on

The Exquisite Catálan Salt Pinch Cake

As you get a whiff of the nutty and lemony fragrance of the Catálan Salt Pinch Cake, you’ll marvel at how soft and billowy it is; and as you pinch off a velvety piece, you’ll marvel at its yieldingness; and as it caresses your tongue, you’ll swoon over it’s delicate and nutty almond flavour, and moist yet airy texture.

Almond Cake on

Almond Cake

If I had to choose a breakfast cake, it would be almond cake. If I had to choose a cake to eat an entire day, it would be almond cake again. My reasons are threefold: it is nutty and distinctly aromatic, it is moist and buttery, and it fills you up and keeps you going for hours.

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