Dreamy Piña Colada on notjustspice.com

Dreamy Piña Colada

Do you like getting caught in the rain? The feel of the ocean? Then surely, surely you must love piña coladas. Come with me, and escape into the ocean breeze and its fine spray, into a vision of those tropical coconutty beaches, into a slow afternoon, and into this exotic and dreamy piña colada — it’s the love that you’ve looked for!

Mango Lassi | Mango Smoothie on notjustspice.com

Mango Lassi | Mango Smoothie

A glass of cold mango lassi or mango smoothie quenches like no other during those endless sultry hours. So tropical, so summery. And goooood! Like the way Bruce (Jim Carey) says it in Bruce Almighty. You’ll only need 5 ingredients, a blender and a glass or two.

Cabo Colada on notjustspice.com

Cabo Colada

I like how a cocktail takes you on a nice little private vacation — sometimes two or three places depending on the mix of liquors — and how I can close my eyes and relive the place. The Cabo Colada is so tropical and, so… balmily Goa! I’m taken back there in an instant.

Coconut Lime Lassi on notjustspice.com

Coconut Lime Lassi

I’m positively parched. It’s uncanny, this heat. No amount of water seems to do any good. Lassi anyone? Not just any lassi: coconut lime lassi. Coconut milk marries yogurt in the most romantic way resulting in a silky smooth texture; the lime adds heaps of flavour and freshness.

Refreshing Ginger, Mint and Cumin Limeade on notjustspice.com

Refreshing Ginger, Mint and Cumin Limeade

Is it just me, or is this summer the hottest so far? This gloriously refreshing ginger, mint and cumin limeade is a sure summer heat beater. It refreshes, cools, revives and cheers a tired, sapped and sweaty you. And as an added bonus, this lime juice will also help you detox.

The Ultimate Oatmeal Smoothie on notjustspice.com, made with Nutella, peanut butter, dates, banana and oats

The Ultimate Breakfast Oatmeal Smoothie

The Ultimate Breakfast Oatmeal Smoothie packs a wallop, and is THE way to energise a groggy and tired you, what with Nutella, peanut butter, bananas, dates, flax seeds, oats and milk. Incredibly late? Draining morning workout? Well, this oat smoothie is for all those times.

Strawberry Smoothie on notjustspice.com

Strawberry Smoothie

With the cool winter nights fast waning, a strawberry smoothie is the best way to welcome spring. You’ll fall in love with this pretty pink lady, and you’ll gaze at her frothy cheeks and her creamy body. You’ll savour every drop, and wish time were slower.

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