Catálan Salt Pinch Cake on

The Exquisite Catálan Salt Pinch Cake

As you get a whiff of the nutty and lemony fragrance of the Catálan Salt Pinch Cake, you’ll marvel at how soft and billowy it is; and as you pinch off a velvety piece, you’ll marvel at its yieldingness; and as it caresses your tongue, you’ll swoon over it’s delicate and nutty almond flavour, and moist yet airy texture.

Cordon Rose Banana Cake on

Cordon Rose Banana Cake

This smooth operator is a far cry from the usual banana cake: luscious yet delicate, intensely moist yet elegant. The Cordon Rose Banana Cake is definitely a magnificent banana cake — the flavour, aroma, texture and taste are delicately refined and enhanced.

Indulgent Sour Cream Ganache on

Indulgent Sour Cream Ganache

Sour cream ganache gives your cake just the right amount of oomph and tang, making it indulgent, smooth and charming. It pipes like a dream, and makes all those chocolate cake more sensual. Chocoholics, look out for this absolutely magnificent and indulgent sour cream ganache — it’ll take make your tongue pirouette!

Super Refreshing Thandai on

Super Refreshing Thandai

Sweet, chill, rich, and aromatic, this super refreshing thandai fills your senses like the mountains in springtime. It glides down your tongue, this intoxicating drink, soothing your throat with rose and saffron. You can’t ask for anything more invigorating — it’ll banish your aches, tiredness and thirst!

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