Chicken Green Pulao on

Chicken Green Pulao

I’ve been searching for a cracking one pot chicken and rice dish, and I’ve found it in the chicken green pulao. The spices and herbs are balanced perfectly with the coconutty flavour, and the rich aroma tantalises you so — making it quite the drool-worthy dish.

Cabo Colada on

Cabo Colada

I like how a cocktail takes you on a nice little private vacation — sometimes two or three places depending on the mix of liquors — and how I can close my eyes and relive the place. The Cabo Colada is so tropical and, so… balmily Goa! I’m taken back there in an instant.

Coconut Lime Lassi on

Coconut Lime Lassi

I’m positively parched. It’s uncanny, this heat. No amount of water seems to do any good. Lassi anyone? Not just any lassi: coconut lime lassi. Coconut milk marries yogurt in the most romantic way resulting in a silky smooth texture; the lime adds heaps of flavour and freshness.

Simple Crab Curry on

Simple Crab Curry

This aromatic and sumptuous simple crab curry is rich in flavour yet light on your palette, without taking away from the sweetness of the meat, and makes for a great accompaniment to rice or chapattis. The many ingredients, are designed to complement the crab.

Simple Tomato Chutney on

Simple Tomato Chutney

Made with just 7 ingredients, this simple tomato chutney is the perfect accompaniment to dosas and idlis, and makes for a tasty base for tomato rice. Quick, simple, nutritious, and equal parts sour and spicy. It’s sort of like pickle (Indian pickle), you know. Yummm!