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Kids Can Bake! is a great way to introduce your kids to the world of baking. Here’s all you need to know:

Why are these classes four hours long?
There is so much to teach! And, the children shall learn hands-on — they will make goodies themselves and learn by watching and doing. Theory sessions will also take time. Plus, we are going to bake the cake(s) and then show the children when they must remove the cake, what all to check for, then frost or decorate as needed. Do bring your child on time so that he or she does not miss out on anything!

Where will the classes be held?
The classes will be held in our house, in Bangalore, India. We shall provide you with the address once you confirm your participation and payment.

What about the DIY projects?
The do-it-yourself projects are easy to do, and are baking related. They will be taught during the class, and each project will be different from the other.

Is there a break?
Of course! Kids definitely need a break. So, there will be a 10-minute break, during which refreshments will be provided.

Does my child have to bring along any equipment to the class?
No. Everything will be provided. On the first day though, please send your child with his/her dad’s or uncle’s old t-shirt. We’ll teach them DIY aprons.

What about the goodies my child bakes?
All goodies will be divided equally among the children, for them to take home so you can see what your child made.

Can parents attend?
These classes is especially for children. If you want to learn, we have classes coming up in September, and will keep you posted.

How much do these classes cost?
If your child wishes to attend ALL the classes, the price is INR 7,500. If your child wishes to attend only FIVE, then the price is INR 4,250. Please note, that your child can attend either the first five classes or the last five classes, in such a case. Payment can be made via cash or cheque in either one sum or two instalments. Payments will have to be made before the classes commence.

What is the schedule like?
Do take a look at the schedule below.

Schedule for Kids Can Bake! Baking Classes on

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