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The days are rough. The nights, rougher. That is why breakfast is all the more important. That is why an instant spill-proof breakfast is a necessity — with the freedom to eat it without spilling when on your way to work or once you reach work. And the banana oatmeal almond smoothie is a godsend!

Banana Oatmeal Almond Smoothie on

The banana oatmeal almond smoothie is a power breakfast that stands out because it can be made in a jiffy and without the cups and the measuring spoons. Use your hands and put all the ingredients into a blender, give it a good whir, and you’re all set. It sure breaks the monotony of having to eat a fried egg and wash it down with milk — if that’s what you’re having when you’re late.

I’m sure you’ve stuffed your mouth with a big bite and ran out the door, and wished you had a smoothie to go. While there are breakfast smoothies a dime a dozen, this one doesn’t need prepping the night before. This one doesn’t require you to bring out your measuring paraphernalia. Make it before you head out, and savour it leisurely when you are all settled in a cab or bus, or in your seat in office, or right after a workout.

There’s more. You bet there’s more! The banana oatmeal almond smoothie is dairy free, and gluten free (when made with gluten free oats).

All you need are oats, almonds (or almond milk, if you wish) and a banana or two. Yes, that’s all. And honey or sugar if you like it sweeter.

This nutty, grainy, chewy smoothie gets better as you give it time. So open your bottle or jar after an hour.

Banana Oatmeal Almond Smoothie on

Banana Oatmeal Almond Smoothie on

Banana Oatmeal Almond Smoothie | Vegan | Gluten Free

  • 3 fistfuls of quick cooking oats
  • 1 or 2 bananas
  • 20 almonds (you could use almond milk — about the same
  • A glass or cup of water (200-250 ml)
  • A dash of honey or sugar if you feel that the sweetness from the banana(s) isn’t enough
  1. Put the oats and almonds in the blender first. If you’re using almond milk then add only the oats — duh.
  2. When they’re ground, add the banana(s) and water and blend.

Serving: Tastes better when eaten after an hour. Gulp it down if you’re super duper hungry!

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